The Project

The objective of the “Discrimination at work- compendium for career counsellors” project is to enhance the knowledge of vocational career counsellors in the area of counteracting discrimination at work, including all possible kinds of discrimination: direct and indirect one, age, sex, racial, religion, sexual discrimination etc. On this web site all available materials in English and partners’ national languages will be gathered. These materials will be supplemented with examples of actual “best and worst practice” developed by the partnership. The partnership will also endeavour to adapt all possible knowledge to the needs of career counsellors – underlining these aspects that mainly concern this profession, explaining complicated legal issues in a comprehensive way etc.

In the course of mobility, career counsellors will meet their colleagues from other partner countries and learn about problems of discrimination at work in a given country and methods of preventing discrimination. In the second year of the project, each of the partner institutions will run a national promotional campaign addressed to career counsellors devoted to the issue of how they can prevent discrimination at work. There will be organised information days, lectures, promotional materials (leaflets, posters etc) will be developed.

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